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The Vertical Vodavi SBX IP 320

The Vertical Vodavi SBX IP 320

Powerful Basic Telephony Services/Cost Effective

SBX IP 320 basic service unit provides a variety of features for enterprise communications including VM, CID as basic services

Simplified Architecture/Easy to Use

Its simplified architecture provides plug & play facility with full hybrid extensions scalability up to 12x32 capacity and user friendly OAM tools

Expansion & Converged System

SBX320 will scale from its' current configuration to a larger configuration. Also, VoIP technology, allows SBX320 to offer IP extensions, system networking, and SIP trunks.

Full converged telephone System with various services for SMB

  • SMB telephone system reaching 12 x32 in 3x8 increments
  • Caller ID service for CO line & SLT
  • Conference, SMDR, LCR, Call duration control, Collect call barring, Mobile extension

Other services for enterprise communications:

  • Alarm detection, External door phone control, External paging interface, External music source interface, RS232 or LAN administration
  • User friendly install/setup. 2 default programs that cover 85% of anticipated configurations!

Latest digital key system providing advanced optional features

  • Built-in type auto attendant/voice mail service
  • 4 ports / 2 hours On touch record, call screen, notification
  • Remote system access (LAN, Modem) for maintenance with GUI interface program
  • Hybrid ports can be wired either as digital or analog extension

IP enabled telephone system

  • IP Endpoint support (teleworker)
  • IP Networking for multiple office connectivity
  • SIP trunk capability

Compatible Phones: