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Vodavi Digital TalkPath

Vodavi TalkPath is a digitally integrated voice processing solution designed to be the perfect complement to any business. Vodavi TalkPath is user friendly. It installs on digital telephone ports, which allows access to advanced call processing information and features such as Caller ID and smart transfers, which are not available through analog integrations.Vodavi TalkPath is a fully- featured voice processing system that accommodates today’s needs, as well as the future needs of a growing business.

The Digital Advantage

Vodavi TalkPath is a self-contained, digital voice processing system that delivers large capability in a compact, economical package. The perfect choice for small- to medium-size organizations, it can grow with a business and offer extensive flexibility starting as small as 2 ports and expanding up to 8 ports. As a digitally integrated system,Vodavi TalkPath integrates on digital ports, eliminating the need for single-line telephone boards and associated hardware; a cost savings from the very start.

Smart Voice Mail

Vodavi TalkPath combines all of today’s necessary features to offer a comprehensive system. Features such as Caller ID, time synchronization and smart transfers help handle incoming calls more efficiently. An unlimited number of voice mailboxes, time sensitive greetings, time controls and menu routing are tools that help effectively manage calls.

Automated Attendant

Vodavi TalkPath also offers several ways to manage communications efficiently,without a live operator. Automated attendant,menu routing, smart transfers and dial-by-name provide a convenient way for incoming calls to be distributed in a timely, effective manner. Vodavi TalkPath can greet callers and offer as many options as needed to get a call to the right person. It can route calls by department, name and extension or name only. Vodavi TalkPath can request the caller’s name before transferring, so the recipient may screen the call or inform the caller of their location in the station’s queue. The possibilities are endless.

Easy Administration

Vodavi TalkPath uses a Windows-based programming interface system,which makes it easy to integrate with Vodavi Digital Key Telephone Systems. Set-up screens guide you step by step, making installation and administration effortless. In fact,Vodavi TalkPath is so easy to install that most of the programming can be done from a telephone set, on- or off-site. With a few keystrokes, mailboxes, message waiting, transfer set ups and time of day greetings are automatically implemented, making system management easy and fast.