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In-Skin Voice Mail Solutions for the STS & XTS/IP-XTSC/IP

There are two In-Skin Voice Mail Solutions for the STS & XTS/IP-XTSC/IP, one that is FLASH based, and one that is HDD based.


This STS solution makes voice mail a refreshingly affordable option for any small business. It plugs right into the phone system itself, eliminating the need for more expensive external equipment. This 8-port system has 64 mailboxes and 6 hours of message storage, expandable to 12 hours.

The optional STS On-Board Voice Mail System Enhances Productivity With Key Features Such As:

Dial-by-Name Auto-Attendant: Allows callers to direct themselves to the appropriate person without the help of an operator. If callers know their extension they can dial it at any time and thus bypass the auto-attendant.

Menu Routing: Route callers more efficiently (Example, for Sales, press 1, for service, press 2, etc.) Up to 8 menus available.

RAN Announcements: Play messages to your callers while they are waiting to speak with someone

Fax Tone Detect: Automatically detects an incoming fax and forwards it to a designated fax machine. Voice Mail User Productivity Features Include:

Message Wait Light: Light indicates new voice mail messages

Message Storage: Save a message for future reference

Message Forwarding: Direct messages to the proper people quickly and efficiently

Call Forwarding: Have incoming calls forwarded directly to your mailbox. Users can program this themselves without having to consult the system administrator

Cell Phone/Pager Notification: Users can be called or paged if there is a new message in the system (up to 18 digits)

Remote Access: Check your voice mail messages from any touch-tone phone

Live Call Screening Option: (Answering Machine Emulation) Listen to messages as they are being recorded and pick up the phone if you want to speak with the caller

Change Personal Greetings: Recorded name, personal greeting, and temporary greeting are controlled by the user

Date and Time Stamp: Find out when a message was left

Password Control: Change the password at any time

OneTouch Record: Record important conversations for future reference

STS & XTS/IP-XTSC/IP In-Skin HDD Voice Mail

The HDD In-Skin Voice mail has a more robust feature set than our FLASH-based system, and more storage capacity, up to 200 hours. This system also has an unlimited number of mailboxes to support larger workgroups and applications.

Some additional features include:

  • Cell Phone Notification
  • Cascading Menus
  • Flag messages with special delivery options
  • Incoming Caller ID capability
  • Park and Page

STS & XTS/IP-XTSC/IP In-Skin Voice Mail Features Compared:


STS In-Skin Flash STS In-Skin HDD


3-9 hrs 200 hrs


64 Unlimited


8 8

Answering Machine Emulation

Yes Yes

Automated Attendant

Yes Yes

Automatic Routing

Yes Yes

Cascading Menus

No Yes

Cell Phone Notification

Yes Yes

Dial by Name

Yes Yes

Fax Detection

Yes No

Flag messages w/special delivery options

No Yes

Incoming Caller ID

No Yes

Menu Routing

Yes Yes

One Touch Record

Yes Yes

Pager Notification

Yes Yes

Park & Page

No Yes

Password Protection

Yes Yes

RAN Announcement Mailbox

Yes Yes

Smart Transfer

Yes Yes

Time & Date Stamp

Yes Yes

Voice Messaging

Yes Yes