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The Nomad SP is a soft phone designed to make life as a roadwarrior more efficient. Nomad SP is a PC-based remote extension for the technologically advanced Vodavi XTS-IP and Vodavi XTSc-IP telephone systems. You will appreciate the convenience of communicating as if from your headquarters anytime, anywhere with use of a broadband connection.

The Nomad SP also integrates with contact management software to enhance efficiency and provide ease-of-use.

Nomad SP software resides on the PC desktop, so all you have to do is attach your USB headset*, that's how simple the Nomad SP really is. Not only is the Nomad SP user friendly, but you get all the features of a traditional Vodavi branded multi-button phone at the click of a mouse. Nomad SP includes a Phone Book database that provides pop-ups for incoming caller identification and allows the user to place calls as well as manage contact records.

Other great features of the Nomad SP include automatic database sychronization, so that any changes made to the PIM or Phone Directory will automatically update the other. The scheduled dial feature allows the user to define future calls and will notify the user prior to calling. A user call log tracks incoming and outgoing calls and extracts the call data to the phone directory. Besides having voice recording, the Nomad SP has Short Message Service (SMS) for sending messages between Nomad SP users as well.

With all these convenient and easy to use features the Nomad SP is bound to become any roaming employee's best friend.

*Vodavi has tested and recommends the Logitech 300 or Plantronics DSP 400 USB headsets for use with Nomad SP. Bluetooth wireless technology is not currently supported by the Nomad SP.