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A powerful voice messaging platform is critical to the success of any business. PathFinder IS delivers features typically available only on larger, server-based systems. PathFinder IS provides most of the robust features of Vodavi's server-based Digital PathFinder messaging platform and delivers them in an In-Skin solution for the XTS-IP and XTSc-IP product platforms.The hardware installs directly into the XTS system cabinet, making it a feature-rich and cost-effective voice mail solution for small and medium-sized businesses. PathFinder IS is a 12 port system with unlimited mailboxes and over 200 hours of message storage.The most popular features of PathFinder IS are:

Automated Attendant

The Automated Attendant feature allows for operator-free call routing and transfer after hours or anytime, thus streamlining your operations. Dial-by-name can also be used to help callers find the correct extension. Park and page is a unique feature that allows callers on hold to page the intended call recipient throughout a facility.*

Answering Machine Emulation

Screen calls by listening to voice mail messages as they are being recorded. You can pick up the phone and speak with the caller directly, or simply monitor the incoming message for follow-up at a later time.This allows users to enhance productivity by screening for important calls.

Locator Feature

In addition to cell phone and pager notification, a series of attempts can be programmed according to the users preference using the locator feature. This helps to ensure that important calls are not missed. For example, if there is no answer at an extension, an alternate extension may be attempted, or the call can be forwarded to a cell phone before the option of leaving a voice mail is triggered.

Fax Management

Incoming faxes can be automatically routed to an appropriate fax machine for delivery. Alternatively, using OneLook Unified Messaging, faxes can also be delivered to the users e-mail Inbox.**

One Touch Record

Save those important conversations with one touch record. When the conversation becomes too detailed for note-taking, or you simply want to record a conversation for playback at a later date, One Touch Record is an invaluable tool.

PathFinder IS has several built-in features:

Answering Machine Group Distribution Lists Park & Page Password Protection
Emulation/Live Screen Cell Phone Notification Incoming Caller ID RAN Announcement Mailbox
Automated Attendant Centralized Voicemail for Networked Environments Menu Routing Smart Transfer
Automatic Routing Dial-by-Name One Touch Record Time & Date Stamp
Cascading Menus Flag Messages w/special delivery options Pager Notification  

Below are the only feature differences between the In-Skin PathFinder IS and Vodavi's flagship Digital PathFinder. Customers that do not require features exclusive to Digital PathFinder can take advantage of this robust messaging platform for a significantly lower cost of ownership.

Features Pathfinder IS Digital Pathfinder
Capacity 200+ Hours Unlimited
Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited
Ports 12 4-48
User Features    
Chalk Talk (optional)   X
Spanish Prompts   X
Text-to-Speech (optional)   X
Unified Messaging(Optional) 5 Licenses Included X

Special Features

The following three features are licensed on a per user basis. PathFinder IS comes standard with five OneLook user licenses. Adding users is easy, just tell your Vodavi Authorized Dealer how many licenses you need. Each user license grants access to all three features.

OneLook Unified Messaging

With OneLook Unified Messaging, users can receive ALL forms of communication… e-mails, FAX and voice mail messages, in one central location – the user’s e-mail Inbox. This increases productivity by enabling users to quickly sort and share messages, even with users outside the house system.

Desktop Call Control

This feature allows users to interact with an incoming call from their desktop PC screen. Users can accept the call, send to voice mail, place the caller on hold, transfer the call, or play a unique message to the caller, all without ever having picked up the handset. When used in combination with Caller ID information, this is a powerful productivity tool.

Desktop Mailbox Editor

Users can customize their mailbox greetings using their PC. For this, a sound card and microphone are required. More useful is the e-mail contacts database of Mailbox Editor. Users that keep their contacts up-to-date can reply to a voice mail with an e-mail message, or auto-dial a reply call directly while listening to a voice mail message. These features are great for busy professionals and traveling employees.

* Paging equipment required.
**Incoming FAX support for PathFinder IS is Scheduled for winter 2005. Hardware upgrade required.