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Vodavi STSe

Vodavi STSe

The popular Vertical Vodavi Starplus STS product family is a market leader in small business. With over 30,000 systems installed throughout the United States, you can be assured of the system's track performance and reliability. Now, new productivity-enhancing features make it a better value than ever.

More Features, Same Low Price

Still offered at the same modest price, the Vertical Vodavi Starplus STSe Business Communications System delivers powerful, enterprise-class communications features. Yet it remains a refreshingly affordable communications solution for enterprises requiring up to 48 phones.

In addition to nearly 200 calling features, the new Starplus STSe offers enterprise-class features such as full T1, fractional T1 and ISDN-PRI trunking, PBX/Centrex support, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) and Local Call Routing (LCR), automatic daylight savings, tenant share and virtual stations.

The ultra-modern desktop STSe speakerphone now features attractive blue backlighting for easy reading in a wide range of lighting conditions. The 48-button console meets the needs of organizations requiring a live receptionist.

STSe in-skin voice mail and voice recording options offer up to 200 hours of recording capacity and an unlimited number of mailboxes - without compromising system capacity.

STSe Feature Highlights:

  • ADP - Additional Device Port on every phone for fax or modem connection
  • Basic and expanded system options
  • Easy to configure, install and program
  • Fax Detect - Eliminates the need for a dedicated FAX line
  • Caller ID Name and number display is available on all phones
  • One phone model loaded with features
  • Optional In-Skin Voice Mail
  • PBX/Centrex compatibility
  • Phones are CTI adaptable
  • Soft keys enable quick access to system features
  • Standard 2.5 mm headset jack on every phone
  • Supports full T1, fractional T1 or ISDN PRI trunking
  • UCD & LCR capability
  • Voicemail does not reduce system capacity

Compatible Phones: