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The Vodavi Telenium IP

The Vodavi Telenium IP

System Overview:

  • Be anywhere and everywhere for you customers
  • Be connected through you laptop PC with the Nomad SP and Nomad VP
  • Go wireless with the Nomad IP handsets. Connect to your calls anywhere there is 802.11b wireless access
  • Ring your deskphone and your cell phone simultaneously so you never miss that important call
  • Acts like a squared key system or an advanced PBX
  • Network multiple offices, home offices and remote buildings on the Telenium
  • Have your phone ring an associate's station while your away to ensure uninterrupted customer support
  • With the Pathfinder IP, blend voice, electronics and fax communications to enhance productivity. Get all your voicemails and faxes delivered right to your in-box
  • The Telenium is a LAN based product so phones and data can reside on the same network

Compatible Phones: