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Vertical Wave IP Business Communications Solution

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Take a tour of the Vertical Wave IP business communications solution! Find out why your search for an affordable, all-in-one IP voice and data communications phone system for your business ends here.

A phone system is responsible for a lot these days: make and receive phone calls, handle different types of techniologies across multiple locations, and it needs to host important business applications with all the supporting hardware and software. It gets expensive and complicated.

Until now. The Wave IP 2500 platform is the first IP-based business communications platform with a suite of Applications Inside.

Four key elements define Wave:

  • Its a single server modular system that's pure IP
  • Wave has a suite of powerful built-in business communications applications
  • Wave supports a wide variety of endpoints
  • Wave has a complete set of management tools

So stop reading and start the Feature Tour! It includes six sections, each describing different features. You can take the entire tour - which runs about 6 minutes end to end - or jump around by clicking on each section description. Use the pause, rewind and advance buttons to move through the tour at your own pace. Please note that the first time you launch the feature tour there will be a short load time.

Once you´ve experienced the Wave IP phone system feature tour, click on the link below to get in touch with Vertical to find out more about the Wave IP.

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