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Xcelerator IP: Performance with Simplicity

Your search for an affordable, all-in-one IP voice and data communications solution for your small business ends here! Vertical Xcelerator IP is a new category of communications product. Xcelerator IP integrates voice, data and wireless networking in one compact, affordable wireless device that supports SIP trunking for dramatically reduced communications costs. Setup is fast and easy. One Xcelerator IP gateway can support up to 24 Vertical IP2007 IP endpoints plus additional office devices.

Complete Solution in one Box

Xcelerator IP is a new category of business communications device - a compact, fully integrated SIP VoIP telephony gateway, data router/firewall and Wi-FiŽ Wireless Access Point designed specifically for small business environments. Xcelerator IP dramatically reduces total cost of ownership by integrating these functions, which previously had to be purchased as separate components. Plus, you are assured that everything works flawlessly right out-of-the-box. Xcelerator IP also supports economical SIP trunking - eliminating costly T1/PRI trunks and substantially reducing operating costs.

High Performance & Economy

Xcelerator IP provides economical, world-class wired and wireless SIP VoIP connectivity for up to 24 employees with advanced call handling features, a voicemail system and auto attendant. Low-cost SIP connections are provisioned from Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) as soft connections via a DSL or cable modem, providing access to advanced voice compression techniques and dynamic bandwidth management across the SIP trunk interface.

Xcelerator IP supports up to 24 IP2007 IP phones with robust calling features and true jitter and echo cancellation for high-quality voice reproduction. Xcelerator IP also supports additional networked office and business equipment such as computers, printers, card readers and fax machines. Wired and wireless data handling capabilities are secure with user authentication, password-protected system management, encryption, a built-in firewall, packet filtering and more.

Expands as you Grow

For growing and multi-site organizations, up to 24 IP endpoints can be added to one Xcelerator IP gateway. In addition, 10 Xcelerator IP gateways can be networked to provide a multi-node solution within which users can make, receive or forward calls to each other over the network or out of the network.

Voicemail & Auto Attendant Included

A full-featured Flash-based voicemail system and auto attendant are fully integrated into Xcelerator IP - no additional cards or licenses are required. The system can serve up to 4 stations simultaneously and has a 4-hour recording capacity.

The flexible Auto Attendant time/date stamps all messages and provides the following options to incoming callers:

  • Dial a station number to reach someone
  • Leave a message in a particular mailbox
  • Play music on hold or announcements, such as hours of operation or driving directions


The Auto Attendant provides the following features to users:

  • Play Day, Night, Lunch, Holiday and Temporary Greetings and messages
  • Send voice messages to e-mail inboxes as .WAV attachments
  • Forward incoming calls to other extensions
  • Play prompts in two languages


911 Support

Because Xcelerator IP supports both IP and analog (copper) trunking, it can support emergency 911 calls by provisioning a local copper line. Copper trunking is required to ensure that the Central Office is in the same Local Access and Transport Area (LATA) as the installed location. The analog line is not reserved for 911 support and can be used for regular calling as well as failover in the event of power failure. In the event of power failure, Xcelerator IP automatically falls back to the analog phone lines.

Fast Setup

Xcelerator IP features a powerful yet easy-to-use Web-based setup wizard that walks the administrative user through each step required to configure the system. This application enables quick and easy access to the system to configure extensions, phone directories, numbering plans and auto attendant schedules from virtually anywhere. The system administrator can also back up messages, the system database and voice files to a PC.

Business-Class SIP Telephone

The Xcelerator IP gateway is complemented by the ergonomic Vertical IP2007 IP telephone, which bristles with business class features, including multiple line appearances, speakerphone, a large LCD showing call status and feature menus, four line keys and four soft keys for special call-handling features. Using the built-in 2-port 10/100 Ethernet switch, users can connect both a PC and the IP2007 to the LAN using a single LAN cable. Setup couldn't be easier. The IP2007 features automatic plug-and-play registration with the Xcelerator IP gateway. User preferences and special call handling features can be configured via the LCD display and easy-to-use interactive soft keys and navigation buttons or a Web browser. The IP2007 comes with an AC power adapter and also supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). It is desk- and wall-mountable, and has a convenient, adjustable pedestal.

IP2007 performance features include:

  • Make, receive and forward calls
  • Hold telephone conferences with up to three participants
  • 400-entry phone book
  • 10 speed-dial numbers
  • Users can record their name, personal and temporary greetings, and password
  • Users can access voicemail with delete, reply, save, and skip options
  • Users can forward voicemail messages to another destination
  • Users can access message envelope date, time, and sender information (requires Caller ID support from provider)


Specify with Confidence

Xcelerator IP delivers the power of a big business system in an affordable and extremely reliable package. Xcelerator IP comes from Vertical Communications, one of the largest telephony vendors in North America and a global leader in IP telephony, with a current installed base of over 200,000 customers.

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